Wednesday, June 15, 2011


What Happened!?!?
 The years have gone by and the building is gone and replaced by, well, you can see for yourself.
But THE ODYSSEY lives on in the hearts and minds
of all who survived it (and, I can only imagine, by those who didn't...)                       
ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In June 2011 my good friend Yvette Beausoleil sent me some old ODYSSEY photos which I forwarded to Kim "Retro Kimmer" Maki.:

Retro Kimmer's ODYSSEY link




Steve Mackay (Sax) The Stooges, The Mojo Boogie
     Band, The Moonlighters

*Paul Rogers (K)
*Bill Milus (B)
*Marco Lampert (D)


*Steve Mackay (Sax) Billy C. & The Sunshine
*Robert Sheff (K) The Prime Movers

 Gary Munce (Bass), Artie Campbell (Drums)...


Larry Mandeville (guitar, vox)



Loughlan (Louck) Campbell Drums, Bob Webb bass, Pete Stanger guitar, and Bill Schostak keys. This was essentially the same touring band that backed up "Chairmen of the Board"--NOTE: Louck did not play drums in the touring band of Chairmen of the Board, that was KC Black  (Thanks Dennis Allen for background info) 


A fine rock+roll unit (my first rock band gig) Lead by FRANK LOWENBERG drums,ROBIN MILLER guitar, JOEL SHANKAR guitar, THAD JONES bass or JOHN something bass, MARCUS lead vocal, MARTIN SIMMONS on keys (Thanks to Martin Simmons for the background info and R.I.P. Brother)


John "Ozzie" Nelson on keys,

 Martin Simmons and Company 


Top Row: Glenn Quackenbush (Organ)  & Scott Richardson (Vox)
Bottom Row: Richard Michael (bass),
E.G. Clawson (drums) and Gary Quackenbush (lead guitar)


Retro Kimmer story on SRC 40 year reunuion show (June 25, 2011)


Jim Tate on vox/guitar/harp, Bill Lynn on rhythm/lead guitar, Steve MacKay sax, Dough Stoughton on bass, Donnie Backus on keyboards, Jerry Myers, drums  (J.C. Crawford was also a drummer with Mojo)


Dave Mason, Steve Dudash, Peter Bonnisteel
Madcat Ruth, Chris Brubeck, Chris Brown

 In the early 70's Peter Madcat Ruth moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan where he was a key presence in two of Ann Arbor's finest progressive rock bands: New Heavenly Blue and Sky King (
Chris Brubeck, bass, trombone, piano, guitar and sings, composer; b. Los Angeles, CA, 19 March 1952. Chris attended High School at the Interlochen Arts Academy where he was in orchestra 2 hours a day,
Big Band Jazz rehearsals three times a week, Concert Band, Small Brass Ensembles and led various student rock-n-roll groups.  During his days as a bass trombone performance major at The University of Michigan, Chris led, toured and recorded with his innovative "rock" bands, New Heavenly Blue (with releases on R.C.A. and Atlantic Records) and in 1975 Sky King on Columbia (Encyclopedia of Jazz Musicians)

Madcat Ruth (vox/HARP!), Rick Jacobi, Chris Brubeck


Flood's, Free Concerts and the ODYSSEY showcased a lot of the same bands...

Bill Etten (singer), Mike Mckelvey (guitar), and Jim Bowers (keys guy with the beard), Randy Tessier (bass) and Donnie Kuhli on drums...

Mark Gougeon - bass, lead vocals, Jeff Jones - lead guitar,
Tim McCoy - keyboards, vocals, Dave Morgan - drums
Lightnin', as well as playing at THE ODYSSEY, toured extensively in the south and opened for Wet Willie, Guess Who, Black Oak Arkansas and so many others. BTW: Their 4 song EP sold for $60 recently!       (Thanks for this info goes to Al Jaquez)

Jeff Jones- lead guitar
AL Jacquez - lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Dave Morgan - drums
Scott Morgan - lead vocals, rhythm guitar, harmonica
Terry Trabandt - bass, vocalls

Bob Rosenthal (harp & vox), George Bedard (lead)





  The final lineup for THE Chip Stevens Group was Frank Leto vocals & percussion, Dave Leonhard guitars, Tom Berd piano, Clark Pardee drums and either Andy Brucker or Peter Persechino on bass.(Thanks Clark Pardee for info)


This was THE Detroit jam band of the 1970s.  Heavily influenced by the California scene, they were fairly unique in the Motor City. Their home was the GAR WOOD MANSION (a whole story in itself!). With their nutty "road manager Stanley," they brought a lot of great music and musicians to play at THE ODYSSEY...

Stonefront at home at the GAR WOOD MANSION

(Early Stonefront 1970)
Vocals : Rick Stockwell, Larry Merryman (and an extraordinary "cast of characters")

Guitar: Larry Merryman
Guitar: Harry Bourlier
Drums & Conga Drums: Eddie Saenz
Bass Guitar: Mark Swanberg
Vocals: Larry Merryman, Natalie Morgan,

Guitar : Harry Bourlier
Guitar : Larry Merryman
Guitar : Gary Markley
Saxophone : Robin Welch
Conga Drums : Darryl Bradley
Drums : John Bredeau
Bass Guitar : Mark Swanberg
Vocals : Gary Markley, Mark Swanberg, Larry Merryman.

Guitar : Chuck Mahoian
Guitar : Larry Merryman
Bass Guitar : Mark Swanberg
Drums : Eddie Saenz
Vocals : Larry Merryman, Mark Swanberg

John Farlow, Steve Newhouse

Nancy Smith on vox and Robby Stawinski on drums

Jon Campbell on drums, Dale Fox on lead guitar and vox, Mike Ryan on rhythm, various bass players (including Dennis Allen)


(Note the mistake on the address--Made no difference, close enough!!! Actuall 206 was the address of the old Fifth Dimension)


*Panama Red (V)
*Bob "Crunchy Cristals" Holley (G)
*John "Kozmo" Kosloskey (B)
Previously the Frut's
     road manager

*Dave "Snidley Whiplash" West (D)
The Famed Warbles:
*Bruce Scott (1969 - ?)
*Dennis "Wildman Rapucci" Wild (Soprano)
*Neil "Meadowlark" Brenner (Tenor)
*George "Mosely The Punk" Moseman (Baritone


 Leon Mills (vox), Wilson Owens (drums), Nate Peterson (bass), Bob Benson (guitar)

Gary Rasmussen on bass, Bob Rasmussen on lead guitar, Scott Bailey on drums and Frank Bach on vox--Hiawatha Bailey on equipment!
NOTE: Although originally managed by David Sinclair (R.I.P.), by the time these shows were happening Sister Anne LaVasseur, one time MC for the UP, was actually managing the band--The FIRST female manager in R'n;R history (or so I've been told). Anne still ROCKS as a gemologist in Hawaii!!!


(Poster by Gary Grimshaw)

Uprising 1972-1973
"Little" Leon Mills (V) Brat
*Bob Rasmussen (G) The Up
*Don Benson (G) Brat
*Gary Rasmussen (B) The Up
*Wilson Owens (D) Brat

…we (The UP) had been playing gigs with this band Brat from Mount Clemens. Really, we called up Leon [Mills], he was the singer, and we told him, “This is what we want to do. We want to have a band. We’ve got me and my brother, and what we need is you and your drummer and your guitar player. Let’s do it.” We moved ‘em up to Ann Arbor and put ‘em in the carriage house between the two houses and started the band from there. It turned right from Up to Uprising, and that band was managed by John Sinclair and Peter Andrews. John was out of jail by then and he was managing Mitch Ryder and the Rockets--Gary Rasmussen

Uprising 1973
*"Little" Leon Mills (V)
*Bob Rasmussen (G)
*Don Benson (G)
*Nate Peterson (V, B)
*Wilson Owens (D)
...a lot of stuff pissed off Leon (Mills) and what they decided they'd do is get Nate Peterson, who's a good singer and bass player. So basically, they fired me and got Nate Peterson--Gary Rasmussen

Long Hard Road by BRATAXIS  
Track produced by Michael Stokes & Tom Conner in the summer of 1974

NOTE: Leon passed away in 2013. R.I.P. Little Leon. You never really got your props, but those who know REALLY know...

Marcus on vocals (just Marcus,  one name), Jeff? on guitar and K.C. Black on drums (K.C. also was the drummer for Chairman of the Board)
(Thanks to Wayne Dabney for jogging my memory on this one!)
Rusty Day on vox, Wilson Owens on drums. Nate Petersen on bass

Richard Dishman on drums, Lowell? on congas, Crispin Cioe on Sax, BuzzThrelkeld on trumpet, Richard Lehfeldt on keys,  ?? Guitar, Steve Chall on Bass, Rita, Pat & Jodie on vocals and others. ALSO Wayne Dabney and David G on equipment.
(Thanks Wayne Dabney for some input)
Left to Right: Buzz Threlkeld, Richard Lehfeldt, Crispin Cio, Richard Dishman
The four members of Radio King shown above were more or less the "core group" but this act was a true R&B Revue. As many as a dozen performers would be on that ODYSSEY stage putting on a real SHOW!!!                                                                                                                                                  (I need some help on this one y'all--There were a LOT of performers in this revue! I apologize to those whose names I can't pull up right now, but I KNOW we'll get all of this act on this page sooner or later--Jon Campbell, ODYSSEY)

Crispin Cioe today Crispin Cioe Website
                            Crispin's band Cracked Ice
STORY ON CRISPIN  by RetroKimmer

Richard Dishman today


The Rockets as they appeared at THE ODYSSEY, Red Carpet, Rainbow Room, etc...
The Rockets a few years later...


THE THE ROCKETS came to THE ODYSSEY when they were associated with Peter Andrews and The Rainbow People (Rainbow Productions). The ODYSSEY was the hottest venue and THE ROCKETS--with Bee, McCarty, Marc Marcano and Fraga the only four in the line-up--were the hottest act in town at the time They split their time between THE ODYSSEY, Red Carpet and the Rock & Roll Farm, but they were Ann Arbor cats for awhile. Fraga (R.I.P.) spent a lot of time at our (ODYSSEY staff) houses on Miner Street and Brooks Street on the westside of A2. Later on, Donnie Backus of THE MOJO BOOGIE BAND (pretty much the house band at the ODYSSEY for awhile) replaced Marc while they were still playing the ODYSSEY on a regular basis. One of the COOLEST shows the ROCKETS did at THE ODYSSEY was the night that Jerry LeCroix sat in with the band--But EVERY night (usually weekly) that THE ROCKETS played this club was INCREDIBLE!!!  Unfortunately Dave Gilbert  (R.I.P.) never played the ODYSSEY with the ROCKETS, he came on after the ODYSSEY's demise...



Johnny Ace on bass and vox, John (Nuzzo) Leslie harp & vox, Howard Levine, guitar and Frannie Kristina on drums--Tino Gross (Howling Diablos) was also off and on with the band) 

Check out Ace's latest "Love Like a Fire"

MEMORIES (From those who were there):

One of my first Odyssey memories - Cheryl Kaiser & me standing at the bar in front of a freshly made Tequila Sunrise; Cheryl - "Grab a straw!" and we'd race to the bottom
...Joanne Shumeyko Johnson 6-15-11  

That's where I met Mike Gould one night in 1973 leading to the formation of the Martian Entropy Band
.--Hugh Hitchcock 6-19-11 (Check 'em out by following the link below, JC/ODYSSEY)

We called it 208 Odyssey because of the neon # in the window. I remember seeing the Rockets there before they hired Dave Gilbert. Johnny B was doing the lead singing.
-- T. Kinks Heiss 1-12-11

THE ODYSSEY!!!!!...YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
--Johnny Ace 1-12-11
(Check out 2011 Johnny Ace in San Francisco JC/ODYSSEY)

I remember dancing my ass off during and in between sets.Then everynight i would order 3 double vodka collins sour. No wonder i'm a recovering alcoholic! Alot of good and crazy memeories there!
--Robin Scott 1-18-11

 Actually, during that period I was so busy & broke trying to cobble together my own bands, I didn't make it to the Odyssey as much as I wanted
--Jeff Alder 6-18-11

It's so complicated to put together in writing, how one thing led to another, landing me on Bowie's Ziggy Stardust Tour and back to the Odyssey - and all because of the Odyssey...
--Billy Goodson 6-18-11 (NOTE: Check out more about Billy Goodson)
--Jon Campbell/ODYSSEY 

......we came,we played,we left.....--Martin Simmons 6-19-11

Hi Jon, Thank you so much for the picture from 1972. That was the year I graduated from high school and moved to A2. I turned 18 at The Odyssey and Angie Bowie was there. What a trip. Those were definitely the days!!!!! Good to see you are healthy and happy. Take care and thanks again!! Cordi.                                                                                       
--Cordi Cole Frei 6-19-11

Hi Jon--I was the drummer in the last incarnation of the Chip Stevens Group and we played a few times at the Odyssey back in the day... I write this as I'm getting ready for a gig this evening @ The Grove in Anaheim with one of the two bands I'm currently in - still at it after all these years
.--Clark Pardee 6-25-11

I was pretty young. Between the Fourth Ave people in the day to the fabulous bookings at night, I took it all for granted. Now they are all some of my best memories.
--Patty O'Rorke 8-31-11
(Patty was on the staff at THE ODYSSEY pretty much at the beginning. She remembers those "Fourth Avenue People"--Cool...)


robin said...

I remember dancing my ass off during and in between sets.Then everynight i would order 3 double vodka collins sour. No wonder i'm a recovering alcoholic! Alot of good and crazy memeories there!

Wayne Dabney said...

I worked as a roadie for Brat, Carnal Kitchen, Marcus, and later Radio King. Now I take lots of photos, write a little and try to be a good Great Granddaddy. Back then the Ann Arbor music scene was the best in the state. It's better than it's been in recent years but still has a long way to go to get back to those Huron Street days. Where are the Willard Hill Boys when ya need um?

geri said...

Thanks for creating this blog. Those were the best days for rock bands playing in the bar circuit!!

Allan said...

I was hired to cook when i was 20. I only had to cook hamburgers and stacked ham and cheese sandwiches, but i had never cooked anything in my life. The grill lighting was one 15watt red light bulb, so I could never tell if the burgers were done. Served lots of raw meat!
First drink order was for a Micky's Lobe. Couldn't find it in the book. Turned out they wanted a Michelob! What did I know? Learned to drink there (among other things), Thanks Jon! The bands were incredible!

Jeff ALder - Not Adler said...

Name's Jeff Alder - not Adler. Happens all the time. I've even been credited in magazines and album covers as Adler. The Warren Zevon Stand in the Fire live album has me as my real name of Alder, but by the time it went to CD, they changed it to Adler.

Jane Brundage said...

I used to go to the Oddysey twice a week when Bob Rosenthal's blues band was the house band--and played 2 times a week there. I worked at the Salvation Record store and Bob was our manager, so we all went there as a group to give him moral support. Iggy's road and equipment managers (Bill Cheatham (aka "Strawberry)and Eric Haddix used to join us almost every time. I was back in A 2 a few years ago and couldn't recognize where the Oddysey was--good to know it was because the building is actually gone. I saw so many good local bands play there.

pat greeley said...

Pat Greeley...ah that smell, beer,puke and cig smoke...I think I got laid every night I worked there!