Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy Days - Richie Meets Mork

Pennsylvania abolishes slavery before anybody else!

1780 Pennsylvania becomes 1st US state to abolish slavery

Burning Spear-Slavery days

R.I.P. Curt Campbell b. 2-9-1944 d. 3-1-2010

MARCH 1, 2015:This is a sad day for me (and y'all!), CURT CAMPBELL died five years ago today, my brother--a brother to many, including many who don't even know he was their brother. Curt was soldier fighting for what should be right (in a VERY leftist kind of way). He served our country, but was rewarded with an undesirable discharge from the United States Army in which he seved in for more six years. Why "undesireable?--'Cause he refused to go to Vietnam.

 He came to Ann Arbor, Michigan after he was "allowed" to leave the U.S. Army (after spending almost as much time in the stockade as he spent as a soldier for our country) where he became associated with The White Panther Party and as the doorman at the Odyssey Lounge.  He also roadied for my band--with no compensation!! He did what he could to make things better. Many who knew him know of what else he did for The Tribe and The Movement in general...Always as a "Volunteer"...

He is missed to the max! R.I.P. my brother. We love you still...