Sunday, November 20, 2011

November 21 in the 60s--NOT the early 70s everybody refers to as the 60s--But this date in the 60s in the EVOLUTION OF ROCK 'N ROLL!

By 1960, Rock 'n Roll had taken over the mainstream! Now we had to figure out how to make the world understand that Rock 'n Roll was also R&B and Soul and Jazz and WHATEVER rocked!

SO, on November 21. in 1960, Maurice Williams came out with a Number One hit with STAY...

A couple of years go by and November 21, 1963 rolls along and, Frankie Valli, a dude outta New Jersey, has a hit with a tune called Big Girls Don't Cry. His earlier tune, Sherry. had just finished up at Number One on the charts and this new one,  (co-written and produced by Bob Crewe) "Big Girls Don't Cry" begins a five week stint at the top of the pop chart and three on R&B!!!

November 21, 1963 and a duo named Dale & Gracie hit the #1 spot with an old Don and Dewey (a Houston, TX act) tune, "I'm Leavin it All Up To You"
 This was the first time a duet had hit number one back to back with another duet doing the same tune. Check out Don & Dewey doing the ORIGINAL

And Dale & Gracie doing their number one cover:

November 21, 1964, 1965, AND 1966 saw the Motown sweethearts, Diana Ross and The Supremes,  at the top of the charts for three years running--MOTOWN MAGIC!!!

November 21, 1964: Chart Toppers

November 21, 1965: Chart Toppers

November 21, 1965: Chart Topper

November 21, 1967 and the psychedelic band Strawberry Alarm Clock (actually a great band) hit number one with a sort of bubble gum psychedelic tune titled Incense and Peppermint:

And on November 21, 1969, the Beatles, on the heels of the band's demise, were at the top of the Billboard Chart with the classic "Hey Jude":

This date, November 21, in the EVOLUTION OF ROCK 'N ROLL...At least in the "Mainstream"...

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