Saturday, November 19, 2011

MIQUE CRAIG (October 23, 1944 ~ November 18, 2010) R.I.P. MIQUE

I met Mique at the beginning of
THE (INFAMOUS) ODYSSEY days, that was in the early 1970s and her name was Mique Burnette at the time. Of course, after marrying Bobby Craig a few years later, She was, from thenceforth known and universally loved as MIQUE CRAIG.

     Her parties were legendary (held at at The Odyssey,The Hill and The Roadhouse, just to name a few of the "more intimate" venues--as well as all over the area). A Mique's get-together was sure to showcase such GREAT acts as Jim Tate (Mojo Boogie Band, Livewire, Tate Blues Band and others), SRC, Jeannie and the Dreams (one of the early Al Hill bands), The Prodigals or any of the more popular and/or upcoming acts in the area.

     It wasn't long before Miq turned the parties into benefits for Ann Arbor's Mott's Children's Hospital, forming the B.I.T.C.H Club to put on those functions. Angela Burnette, Miq's daughter, is keeping those functions alive now...

Here's Miq with Jim Tate (Jim sadly passed away on May 17, 2010)

     It was five years ago today, November 18, 2010 that we lost Mique. Rest In Peace, Sister...We Love You!

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