Saturday, March 5, 2011


March 5 Birthdays:
1936: Dean Stockwell (Quantum Leap)
1939: Tommy Tucker (High-Heeled Sneakers) He was also known as Robert Higgenbotham of Springfield, Ohio. He wrote this song about some students of a tacky modeling school who used to frequent a bar he was playing a gig at.
1943: Charles Winfield (trumpet on BS&T’s “Spinning Wheel”)
1944: Al Kooper
R. Cobb, guitarist (Classics IV, Atlanta Rhythm Section)
1948:  Eddie Grant (Electric Avenue)
 March 5 Events: 
 1933: In the last free elections in Germany until after World War II, the Nazi Party received 44% of the vote

1951: Ike Turner cuts (Jackie Brensten's) ROCKET 88, a song many consider to be the first Rock 'n Roll record,1951: Ike Turner cuts (Jackie Bersten’s) "Rocket 88," a song many (me included!) consider the first Rock n’ Roll record.

The Clovers hit #1 on the R&B chart with "Don't You Know I Love You" and "Fool,  Fool, Fool".

1959: Chuck Berry performs LITTLE QUEENIE and ALMOST GROWN on National Bandstand:

1963: Country singer Patsy Cline is killed in a plane crash at the height of her career. Over 25,000 people attended the singer's funeral

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