Saturday, October 1, 2011


Martha Jean “The Queen” Steinberg  was born in Memphis, Tennessee as Martha Jean Jones on September 9, 1930 . She started doing her DJ thing on WDIA in Memphis in the early 1950s. She was Martha Jean “The Queen” Jones back in those days…

WDIA is still known as THE HEART & SOUL of Memphis…

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 As one of the first female disc jockeys in the United States, her  program included the latest R&B hits along with the typical "household hints" programming—Just the way it was, at the time, for ladies on the air.

It was 1963 when she moved to Detroit, Michigan, and became an immediate hit on WCHB-AM and throughout the late 1960s and 1970s on WJLB. While at WJLB, she led the station's on-air staff in protest of the fact that the station at the time had no African-American employees outside of the air staff.

She was even featured on the Eric S tune 
 “You Are Somebody” 

WJLB went to the FM dial (where it remains to this day) in 1980 and Martha Jean’s show was cancelled.

The former WJLB-AM became WMZK with an ethnic format. In 1982, Martha Jean “The Queen”  acquired WMZK-AM—YEP, SHE BOUGHT THE STATION!!!-- and changed the call letters to WQBH in order to offer more gospel music oriented programming. Steinberg remained on the air at WQBH (1400 on the AM dial) until her death.
 (WQBH is now WDTK)

Martha Jean “The Queen” passed away on January 29, 2000. She is buried in Detroit's Elmwood Cemetery.


"LIL' QUEEN" said...

This is a wonderful site. I loved the video clip "YOU ARE SOMEBODY" and I know "The Queen" would have liked it also. Keep it going....she remains in spiril and legacy, an AWESOME woman who made a significant contribution to society, especially the Blue Collar Workers of America.

"LIL' QUEEN" said...

"You who earn your bread by the sweat of your Brow...You Are SOMEBODY"...and don't you ever forget it! The Queen... And her famed "Blue Collar Workers of America" gave hope to hundreds of thousands.
MY mother "The Queen" and her "Inspiration Time" show inspired 4 generations of Detroit citizens and introduced the "Motown Sound" to America . Like she often said..."Take it from'll be glad you did....I BET' Cha👑