Friday, January 13, 2012

January 14, 1955: Detroit's FIVE PEARLS in The Evolution of Rock 'n Roll...

January 14, 1955
The Five Pearls play the first of three nights at The Madison Ballroom, Detroit, Michigan.

The Five Pearls, from Detroit, consisted of Howard Guyton (lead), David Clowney (tenor), Derek Martin (tenor), George Torrence (baritone), and Coley Washington (bass). The Five Pearls was discovered at an Apollo Theatre talent contest by Eddie Mesner....

Trade Magazine Article (January 1955):

Aladdin's Leo Mesner hoping that his Five Pearls disking of "Please Let Me Know" has what it takes to break pop. Meanwhile the Aladdin group will appear at the Madison Ballroom, Detroit, from Jan. 14 to 16. While in Detroit the Pearls will make a guest TV appearance on Ed McKenzie's show....





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