Tuesday, January 10, 2012


How’s a guy originally from Pittsburgh (me, for instance) know so much about Blues and  Jazz and Rhythm & Blues and Soul and all that became just good old  ROCK ‘N Roll?

How couldn’t I know ALL about this thing called Rock ‘n Roll—I’ve been in it all my life!!!

 AND, with venues like Tarentum, PA’s TARENA Roller Rink, cum Tarena Dance Club;  and with mentors such as Porky Chedwick, Bob Livorio, Bob Mack, Mad Mike Metrovich and Terry Lee, I couldn’t miss!!!

That’s why I’m gonna TRY to post a set or two—TARENA STYLE (circa 1963 ~ 1966) every so often to hip  y’all (Sorry, I live in Texas now) to where I came from and to what a lotta  y’all missed—AND, to remind a lotta  y’all what ya didn’t!!! Damn, that’s a lotta  y’alls, whatta ya think you guys???

 First up. Bill Robinson (NOT SMOKEY) and The Quails with QUIT PUSHIN'...

Back it up with BO...

Close the set with Smokey Robinson and The Miracles and ya got a classic first set at the TARENA--The joint that taught me about Rock 'n Roll...

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