Thursday, December 1, 2011

December 1, 1957 in the EVOLUTION OF ROCK ‘N ROLL: Three acts make their national TV debut on one episode of CBS' Ed Sullivan Show: Buddy Holly and the Crickets (performing "That'll Be The Day"), Sam Cooke (performing "You Send Me"), and the Rays (performing "Silhouettes").

  On December 1, 1957 three acts made their national debut on The Ed Sullivan Show; pulling together the Pop/Soul of Sam Cooke, Rock ‘n Roller Buddy Holly and the classic Doo-Wop of The Rays. Indeed, a memorable day in the Evolution of Rock ‘n Roll…
Sam Cooke performing his currently #1 Billboard hit "You Send Me" on The Ed Sullivan Show on December 1, 1957

Buddy Holly & His Crickets performing "That'll Be The Day" on the Ed Sullivan Show on December 1, 1957

The Rays were also on that December 1, 1957 show doing this classic!!! 

Who was most likely spending their birthday ‘glued to the tube’ for that show?
Most likely; 23 year old Billy Paul, 22 year olds Woody Allen and Lou Rawls, 19 year old Sandy Nelson, 17 year old Richard Pryor  (Check him out on Sullivan, follow the link), 13 year old John Densmore and probably 12 year old Bette Midler;  all of whom share a December 1st birthday…But, I could be wrong about what they were doing, I know,  as amazing as it may seem,  I remember what I was doing that Sunday because it was what I did every Sunday in the mid-fifties--I was watching Ed Sullivan!!!

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