Sunday, December 4, 2011

December 4, 1949: Roy Milton, Chuck Willis and even The Honeymooners are Bringing R&B into the 1950s in THE EVOLUTION OF ROCK 'N ROLL!!!

December 4, 1949: Roy Milton hits #5 on the R&B chart with "Hucklebuck".

Check out Norton showing Ralph the steps and bringing  the tune to mainstream America via television...

On December 4, 1953 Chuck Willis hit #4 on the R&B chart with "Goin To the River"  and it didn't take long for Fats Domino to have an "all audience" hit with the tune...

Of course Chuck's Blues Monster "Don't Deceive Me", hitting #6 on the R&B Charts only on that same day, stalled on that chart and never made it to the mainstream... 

December 4 as the 40s turned into the 50s was an important time frame in 


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